Fish food

Choosing the right fish food is important for the animals.

We offer you a range of different types of food so that you too can find the right food for your pets. Our range starts with food for the smallest koi shortly after hatching through to food for super jumbo koi, goldfish, sturgeon, etc.

If you are not sure what suits you and your koi best, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to advise you.

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Nutramare Koi-Basic Swim 10kg Bag
CHF 69.00
Linn professional automatic feeder 5 kg
CHF 269.90
Nutramare Koi360 SINK 15 kg refill pouch
CHF 133.50
Breeding feed adapter (0-3mm) for Linn professional automatic feed dispenser
CHF 25.90
Nutramare Koi360 SINK
As low as CHF 21.90
Nutramare Koi360 Sensitive SWIM 5 kg
CHF 49.00
KOBRE®SAN Gold Line, Grow & Color, 6 mm, 5 kg All Season, swimming
Kobre®San Silver Line, Grow & Color, 6 mm, 5 kg All Season, floating
Nutramare Koi360 Sensitive SWIM 10 kg refill bag
CHF 79.00
KOBRE®SAN Winter Line, 4,5 mm, 5 kg Winter, sinking
Nutramare Koi Biscuits
CHF 12.50
Kobre®San Sturgeon Line, Small, 3 mm, 5 kg All Season / Winter, sinking
Coppens Allround Mix 6mm - 15kg
AquaForte Automatic Fish Feeder 8L
CHF 185.90
Seichō Mini 1 - 500g - Koi rearing food
CHF 11.90
Rechargeable battery 8.4 volt control for Art. 210.003
CHF 39.90
Seichō Mini 1 - 1kg - Koi rearing food
CHF 19.90
Power supply unit 8.4 volts for battery for Art. 210.004
CHF 14.90
Seichō Mini 2 - 1kg - Koi rearing food
CHF 14.90
Power supply 6 volts for AquaForte automatic feeder Art. 210.003
CHF 12.90
Solar panel for AquaForte automatic feeder Art. 210.003
CHF 24.90
Seichō Mini 1-3 - Koi rearing food, small set

Starting at CHF 11.90

Nutramare Gold360 SWIM 1.5 kg
CHF 21.90
Seichō Mini 1-3 - Koi rearing food, large set

Starting at CHF 14.90

Additional container 7 liters for item 210.003
CHF 34.90
Energy Plus 250ml
CHF 5.90
Extension cable for power pack 5 meters for Art. 210.003
CHF 10.90
Provivit-1 250ml
CHF 22.90
AquaForte automatic fish feeder 8L with power supply

Starting at CHF 12.90

Nutramare Koi360 SWIM
As low as CHF 21.90
AquaForte automatic fish feeder 8L for solar operation

Starting at CHF 24.90

Nutramare Koi360 SWIM - 10kg refill pouch
CHF 94.00

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