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When rearing or when you are traveling a lot, it is often a challenge to feed your koi. The right automatic feeder solves this problem for you. If possible, give the first and / or last feeding a day by hand.

If you have decided to welcome the beautiful and elegant koi pond fishes in your house, then the first thought that would have come to your mind is how to spare time from your busy weekdays' schedule to feed your beloved little fishes, right? But guess what, we have a perfect item that can rest all your worries at peace! You can shop for the automatic feeders machine available at the koi kichi online store. This automatic feeding machine is available in both battery option or power supply mode to give you more flexibility whether you have a small in-house aquarium or an outdoor pond. This automatic feeding machine has a five-litre feed capacity container, so you don't have to worry about filling it up every other day. You can also adjust the amount of feeding, and it can be stretched to feed up to six times per day. You just have to set the feeding time on this automatic feeder machine, and it will do the rest on its own. Its low battery warning will remind you to charge its battery to keep the diet of your beloved fishes uninterrupted. This automatic feeder machine comes with a mounting bracket. 

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AquaForte Automatic Fish Feeder 8L
CHF 165.90
Rechargeable battery 8.4 volt control for Art. 210.003
CHF 32.00
Power supply unit 8.4 volts for battery for Art. 210.004
CHF 16.80
Power supply 6 volts for AquaForte automatic feeder Art. 210.003
CHF 8.90
Solar panel for AquaForte automatic feeder Art. 210.003
CHF 19.90
Additional container 7 liters for item 210.003
CHF 29.90
Extension cable for power pack 5 meters for Art. 210.003
CHF 9.90
AquaForte automatic fish feeder 8L with power supply

Starting at CHF 8.90

AquaForte automatic fish feeder 8L for solar operation

Starting at CHF 19.90

Linn professional automatic feeder 5 kg
CHF 259.90
Breeding feed adapter (0-3mm) for Linn professional automatic feed dispenser
CHF 21.90

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