Koi food

Choosing the right koi food is a key issue in keeping koi. Last but not least, it is also a frequent topic of discussion among Koi Kichis.
We offer you a range of different types of food so that you can find the right koi food for your pets. Our range starts with food for the smallest Koi shortly after hatching through to food for super jumbos which are older and have completely different needs. Many koi owners also have a mixed population of small and large koi, so we have the right food for you. It should also be noted that not every koi food is the right one for every temperature and season. A distinction must be made between year-round feed and seasonal feed.
If necessary, you will also find various feed additives which can be added to the feed. In any case, make sure that your Koi go into winter well-conditioned and have consumed the necessary energy reserves for the cold months. It is not uncommon for any problems with nutrition to appear not in winter, but only in spring.
If you are not sure what is best for you and your Koi, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

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Coppens Allround Mix 6mm - 15kg
Nutramare Koi360 SWIM
As low as CHF 21.90
Nutramare Koi360 SWIM - 10kg refill pouch
CHF 94.00
Nutramare Koi-Basic Swim 10kg Bag
CHF 69.00
Nutramare Koi360 SINK 15 kg refill pouch
CHF 133.50
Nutramare Koi360 SINK
As low as CHF 21.90
Kobre®San Silver Line, Grow & Color, 6 mm, 5 kg All Season, floating
Seichō Tosai 3mm, 2.5kg
Nutramare Koi360 Sensitive SWIM 5 kg
CHF 49.00
Nutramare Koi360 Sensitive SWIM 10 kg refill bag
CHF 79.00
KOBRE®SAN Gold Line, Grow & Color, 6 mm, 5 kg All Season, swimming
KOBRE®SAN Winter Line, 4,5 mm, 5 kg Winter, sinking

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