Energy Plus 250ml

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EnergiePlus is pure salmon fish oil with 5.0% free fatty acids (FFA). It is highly purified and tuned for koi nutrition. It is free of preservatives and has a shelf life of two years. It is rich in vitamins and animal fats, which are best digested by koi in spring and autumn.
You can use it to grease your winter food, the Koi immediately converts it into energy during digestion. Vegetable fats contained in the feed can no longer be absorbed by the koi at low temperatures. The Koi can only attack the existing body fat if it moves accordingly. This is not possible in cold temperatures and in the resting phase. This is where fatty food helps, which is enriched with animal fat. The koi can digest this fat and convert it into energy. The result is that you can feed your fish in small quantities as long as they move, because movements use up energy, which is then used again.

Experience has shown that a sinking feed enriched with EnergiePlus ensures an optimal supply of your koi even at low temperatures of up to 6 °. You can also use EnergiePlus to seal your refined feed. If you add it to the feed after the vitamins (Provivit-1), you prevent the vitamins from washing out into the pond water.

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