Micronutrients Koi Guard (HSC) 250g

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This unique combination of HOKOVIT from different yeast extract fractions and their mixing ratio to each other in the intestine promotes the growth of the flora of lactic acid and bifidus bacteria desired in the digestive tract. This makes colonization of the intestine with pathogens (e.g. coli bacteria) considerably more difficult. This stabilization of the intestinal flora not only has a positive effect on animal health, but also shows excellent effects with regard to that of the digestive tract. At the same time, the digestive power increases, so that more feed is absorbed and digested better.

Another effect of HSC is that the added yeast extracts stimulate the immune system and contribute to detoxification. On the one hand, this is due to the "ion exchange effect". Toxins are irreversibly bound to the surface of the yeast extracts. This relieves the liver (detoxification) and body defense. On the other hand, these yeast extracts cause a constant irritation of the body's defense, which recognizes supposed pathogens.

Special substances extracted from yeast in HSC are required in large quantities when the cells of the body divide. It is therefore obvious that optimal development and a high daily gain can be achieved if the supply of these limiting yeast extracts is significantly improved via HSC.

High performance is characterized by an increased cell division rate. HSC contains yeast extracts to promote rapid cell division. An increased cell division rate (faster growth) favors the development of the animals and also stabilizes the digestive, organ and immune functions. At the same time, the need for maintenance is reduced because the energy required for cell division can be saved. This effect is particularly evident in the epithelial cells of the small intestine, the cells of the immune system and in the liver cells. This also leads to better efficiency and utilization of all the nutrients consumed.

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