Nutramare Gold360 SWIM 1.5 kg

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+ Floating goldfish food for the garden pond
+ Matching 2.5 mm food pellets for goldfish
+ High quality ingredients with 46% LT fish meal for easy digestibility
+ Color-enhancing effect through spirulina and astaxanthin
+ Support of the immune system through health promoters

The goldfish food Nutramare Gold360 SWIM was designed based on the Koi360 as a premium food for goldfish. Here, too, a minimum of fillers was used. With 46% LT fish meal, 3% spirulina and 80 mg astaxanthin, it guarantees maximum growth with low excretion and optimal color enhancement. The included health promoters also provide optimal support for the immune system. The feed pellets are 2.5 mm in size.

More Information
Season all year round
Type floating
Fish size from 5cm
Pellet size 2.5mm
Amount 1.5kg
Crude protein 40%
Raw fat 13%
Crude fiber 1.5%
Raw ash 11.34%
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