Bowls and quarantine sets

If you have a koi pond fish or a couple of them back at home, then we have a product for you that can be your best companion to help your beloved fish grow healthier. Here, at koi kichi online store, we offer a wide range of koi measuring bowls available in different sizes at the best price in the market. Once you bring a Koi inspection bowl available in eight-centimetre size at home, you can easily inspect your koi for regular check-ups and also use this bowl as a treatment tub. And If you want to track the growth of your koi pond fish by yourself, then this koi measuring pan made of sixty-two or hundred centimetres measuring scale is a must buy for you. You can also use this inspection tub to transport your beloved fish from one place to another by assembling transparent or opaque cover for inspection bowls with it. All the bowls and covers sold at our koi kichi online store is 100% quality checked and made with the best quality plastic material that is friendly and harmless for the fishes. You can also shop for folding bowl best used as a transport and storage basin from our online store.  

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Flexi Bowl (folding bowl) 1'500l, ø180cm, h60cm
CHF 189.90
Holding set "Quick help" 1'500l
CHF 560.00
Koi inspection bowl 80cm
CHF 105.00
Koi measuring pan made of 62cm measuring scale
CHF 52.10
Koi measuring tub 100cm made of GRP
CHF 129.90
Transparent cover for inspection bowl 80cm
CHF 84.90
Opaque cover with zipper for inspection trays around 80cm
CHF 71.90
Koi inspection tub 80cm including cover

From CHF 171.90

To CHF 184.90

Flexi Bowl (folding bowl) 650l, ø120cm, h60cm
CHF 74.90
Holding set "Quick help" 650l
CHF 445.00

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