Transport bag 50x130cm

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With the help of transport bags, you can transport koi or other fish from A to B.

Pay attention to the correct packaging.

  1. Put 2 transport bags inside each other
  2. fill the inner bag 1/3 with water
  3. put the fish (s) in the transport bag
  4. Lift the transport bag with the fish (if not already done) into a transport container, e.g. Cardboard box or similar which is stable can be closed light-tight
  5. Fold the outer bag back a little
  6. if you have oxygen available: carefully push the air out of the inner sack and then fill it up with oxygen
  7. if no oxygen is available: fill the bag with air (e.g. with aerator pump)
  8. close the end of the transport bag and fold the closed part of the transport bag
  9. Close the transport bag with 2 strong rubber bands or with a cable tie around the twisted & kinked part
  10. repeat the locking procedure points 8 & 9 with the outer transport bag
  11. Close your transport container

Attention: There are many other points to consider when transporting fish. e.g. that higher temperatures and the use of air instead of oxygen greatly shorten the possible transport time or increase the stress for the animals. If you are not sure, have someone help you who has already done this or contact us, we will be happy to provide you with further information.

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