Bresser Researcher Trino 40-1000x microscope

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So you have a clear view!

The BRESSER Researcher Trino microscope is the best-selling BRESSER transmitted light microscope in the medium price range due to its unbeatable price-performance ratio. It already enables impressive insights into the microcosm. The microscope image is sharp and rich in contrast. With its solid metal body and the wide magnification range of 40x-1000x, based on 4 lenses and a (changeable) pair of eyepieces, the BRESSER researcher meets the highest demands. The 40x and 100x lenses are spring-proof against damage, with the 100x lens oil immersion microscopy can be operated (the immersion oil is included in the scope of delivery). The bright LED lighting can be controlled with a dimmer. The Abbe condenser is height adjustable and centerable, and has an iris diaphragm. Coarse and fine drives are available for perfect focusing, and a coaxial cross table for exact positioning of the object. The 360 ​​° rotatable binocular attachment naturally allows the individual adjustment of the eye relief and the diopter compensation between the eyes of the viewer.

Instead of a binocular attachment, the Trino Researcher has a trinocular attachment. This creates the possibility for the user to observe with both eyes and to connect a camera or a PC eyepiece at the same time. The cameras of the MikroCam SP series and the MikrOkular Full HD can e.g. can be used without additional adapters. The trinocular tube can be adjusted parfocally to the eyepieces.

The Researcher microscope can be retrofitted with a dark field condenser (dry or oil) for special contrast processes. The Researcher Trino is the most affordable trinocular microscope that offers this possibility.

Objects to be examined (example):

  • blood
  • Mascara / rotifers
  • bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Plants (thin sections)
  • Seaweed

Scope of delivery:

  • Trinocular microscope
  • 1 pair of DIN eyepieces WF 10x with 23mm diameter
  • 4-fold nosepiece
  • 4 DIN lenses: 4x / 0.1, 10x / 0.25, 40x / 0.65, 100x / 1.25 oil
  • Condenser
  • Cross table with vernier scale
  • Fine and coarse focus drive
  • Immersion oil
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