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KNS koi sock Ø42 x 140cm with 50cm handle
CHF 56.30
KNS waterproof koi sock Ø25 x 117cm
CHF 41.90
KNS Koi sock Ø30 x 142cm
CHF 39.90
KNS holding / inspection net, floating, 120x90x75cm
CHF 109.90
Quality landing net Ø100, with telescopic handle 210-400cm
CHF 279.00
Quality landing net Ø60, with telescopic handle 160-300cm
CHF 162.00
Quality landing net Ø80, with telescopic handle 190-360cm
CHF 209.00
Trawl 5m long, 2m deep, mesh size 7mm
CHF 199.00
Leaf net rectangle 38x26cm extra fine, telescopic handle 113-180 cm
CHF 22.90
KNS Koi sock Ø42cm, 140cm long
CHF 42.90
Floating rearing pen with frame white 115 x 115 x 50 cm 1.5 mm mesh size
CHF 169.90

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