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Teflon tape 12m x 12mm for sealing screw connections.
CHF 3.90
Disposable brush 50mm, black
CHF 3.90
EPDM QuickPrime Plus Primer 0.95 liters Consumption: 1dl / running meter
CHF 100.90
EPDM holder for sanding sponge
CHF 12.60
EPDM sanding sponge
CHF 3.80
Firestone EPDM Lining Bonding Adhesive BA-2017 1L adhesive, consumption: 2.5 m2/L (both sides)
CHF 28.80
Cable connector waterproof IP68
CHF 6.00
Dosing gun for 290ml cartridges
CHF 29.90
Tangit PVC adhesive, can with brush, 0.5 liter
CHF 26.30
Tangit PVC / ABS cleaner, 1 liter
CHF 23.10
Lubricant Griffon P-20
CHF 25.00
Tangit PVC / ABS cleaner, 125ml
CHF 8.90
Tangit PVC adhesive, can with brush, 250ml
CHF 13.90
Tangit PVC adhesive, tube 125g
CHF 11.90
Marker for pond liner, white
CHF 8.10
AquaForte SuperStrong, glue - assemble - seal, 290ml, black
CHF 21.90
Clutch tensioning strap Boa Constrictor
CHF 17.00

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