KG2000 bend 15° 110mm

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Polypropylene (PP) bend 15° extra stable (SN8) 110mm

The pipes are ideal for connecting floor drains, skimmers and other pipes. KG2000 is also UV resistant and has a wider seal with several sealing lips than the conventional PVC pipes (orange). In addition, the impact resistance is better with KG200 pipes. The maximum length is 5m.


Assembly tip:

First connect the pipes and elbows without seals. If everything fits, use a pen to mark the connection points with a line and the insertion depth on the pipe. In this way, you ensure that everything fits during the final assembly and that the pipes are correctly plugged together.


  • A floor drain or a wall duct is mostly PVC, so a piece of PVC pipe must be glued in there, then piping can be continued with KG2000.
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for pipe diameter 110mm
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