Pond liner and fleece

If you want to buy a high quality pond liner, you have come to the right place at koikichi.ch. We offer high quality pond liner and fleece for the different needs of different projects. You can choose your favorite after reading the detailed product descriptions. If you are not sure, we are happy to help.

The construction of ponds is very common. Ponds contain water and water is the source of life. This is probably one of the reasons many people create artificial ponds. Water has a calming effect on many people and creates a sphere of relaxation. In addition, there are many other purposes that an artificially created pond can serve. In the vicinity of forests, for example, they can help animals to cope with dry periods. Ponds are also created as fire ponds in remote areas.

For all these scenarios, the Firestone Pondguard EPDM pond liner is the best choice. The EPDM pond liner remains elastic in all weather conditions down to -45 ° C. The elasticity of the pond liner is up to 300%. In addition, it is UV-stable and does not harden. There is therefore no risk of breakage and you can fully rely on this pond liner even after 40 years.

If necessary, the liner can be glued and installed at an angle. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you on all aspects of pond liner and pond construction. koikichi.ch is therefore your contact for the right pond liner. Get your Firestone Pondguard EPDM pond liner today and start building your own water paradise.

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EPDM holder for sanding sponge
CHF 12.60
EPDM sanding sponge
CHF 3.80
Firestone EPDM Lining Bonding Adhesive BA-2017 1L adhesive, consumption: 2.5 m2/L (both sides)
CHF 28.80
Pond fleece 300g / m2, 2m wide, per meter
CHF 7.70
EPDM rubber pond liner, 1mm thick, 4.27m wide, per meter
CHF 80.70
EPDM rubber pond liner, 1mm thick, 6.10m wide, per meter
CHF 115.30
EPDM rubber pond liner, 1mm thick, 7.62m wide, per meter
CHF 144.00
EPDM rubber pond liner, 1mm thick, 9.15m wide, per meter
CHF 172.90
EPDM rubber pond liner, 1mm thick, 12.20m wide, per meter
CHF 230.60
EPDM rubber pond liner, 1mm thick, 15.25m wide, per meter
CHF 288.20
Marker for pond liner, white
CHF 8.10
EPDM QuickPrime Plus Primer 0.95 liters Consumption: 1dl / running meter
CHF 96.60

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