Pond fleece 300g / m2, 2m wide, per meter

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Protect your pond liner from stones and roots.

The pond fleece is essential when building a foil pond. It protects the film from stones, roots and other pointed or sharp objects. The fleece has a weight of 300g per square meter. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also bring in several layers of fleece.

The fleece is heat-resistant, frost-proof and rot-proof. When laying, make sure that the fleece is laid at least 10 cm overlapping. You can secure the fleece against slipping with a hot air dryer or with adhesive tape. Also make sure that you secure the fleece on the edge of the pond so that it does not slip into the pond.

If possible, we recommend that you lay the fleece directly before inserting the film. This reduces the amount of unwanted objects such as small stones or something else come between the fleece and the foil.

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