Bead filters are self-contained filters. This has the advantage that they can be operated above and below the water level. The bead filters are filled with millions of tiny plastic beads. Finally, the filter provides mechanical and biological filtration. This means that the smallest dirt particles can be retained (up to 10 microns). Mechanical pre-filtration must take place outdoors. In an internal holder, the bead filter can do without additional mechanical pre-filters.

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AquaForte EconoBead EB40, 50mm/1.5"
CHF 1,126.85
AquaForte EconoBead EB50, 50mm/1.5"
CHF 1,271.00
AquaForte EconoBead EB60, 63mm/2"
CHF 1,555.00
AquaForte EconoBead EB100, 63mm/2"
CHF 1,950.55
AquaForte EconoBead EB140, 63mm/2"
CHF 2,437.40
Blower for UltraBead & EconoBead
CHF 209.90
Check valve 50mm for all bead filters
CHF 44.90
6-way valve for EconoBead filter 63mm version
CHF 239.90
6-way valve for EconoBead filter 50mm version
CHF 189.90
25kg beads for all bead filters
CHF 94.95

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