Inazuma drum filter ITF - 120 septem

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The noble filter with automatic cleaning and app & internet-enabled control.

The Inazuma ITF-120 drum filter from the new 2020 septem model series cleans your pond thoroughly, reliably and fully automatically.

It is suitable for use in swimming ponds up to 200 m³ and koi ponds up to 66 m³.

Thanks to a clever design, the filter can be used for pump operation as well as for gravity installation.

Inazuma uses corrosion-resistant stainless steel V4A (1.4571) in industrial quality as the material for its filter housing. The reciprocally hinged filter cover with sound insulation (dishwasher noise, 53-55 dB) and hydropneumatic gas pressure dampers, which ensure smooth opening and closing of the filter, ensure more comfort and user-friendliness. In addition, the dry-run protection and safety overflow, as well as much more are part of the standard equipment at Inazuma.

The low maintenance costs of an Inazuma filter are extremely pleasing. It only requires cleaned pond water for the rinsing process and no consumables such as fleece. Instead, impurities are reliably removed from the system by the robust drum covering with 50 μ V2A stainless steel mesh.

The web-enabled WebCSA control is included with every drum filter. With the WebCSA app, you can conveniently view and control many parameters from anywhere in the world using your cell phone or tablet. The system can be individually adapted to your needs with the PowerSwitch extension, temperature sensor and level control.

The filter / control can also be operated without an internet connection.

The guaranteed supply of spare parts directly from the manufacturer ensures many years of enjoyment with a solid, low-maintenance filter made in Germany.

A new drive train has been installed in the new septem series. The drive motor, the shaft and the filter drum now have fixed mounting points, it is no longer necessary to adjust the distance between the drum and the seal. There is also no more drum clamping. This is extremely practical, because this innovation makes the filter system almost maintenance-free.

Technical refinements such as a special, maintenance-free and durable bearing of the drum guide rollers, as well as a newly developed splash guard in the cover once again ensure improved concentricity and a significant reduction in operating noise during drum cleaning. The filter housings are made of specially passivated V4A stainless steel. A newly developed motor mount and additional, solid stainless steel struts on the inside and outside of the filter ensure the necessary rigidity.

More Information
Dimensions (L x W x H) 810x1181x680mm
Filter type Drum filter
Installation type Pumped, Gravity
Automatic cleaning Yes
max. Flow rate 60'000 l/h
max. flow rate pumped 45'000 l/h
min. flow rate 10'000 l/h
For ponds with koi up to (Manufacturer information) 120 m³
for ponds with koi up to (our specification) 66 m³
for ponds with fish stock up to 80 m³
for ponds without fish stock up to 200 m³
Connections input 5x DN 110
Exits 5x DN 110
Drainage connection 1x DN 110
Coarse dirt separation 50µm
Installation height above water level 13 cm
Integrated biochamber No
Warranty in years 2
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