Oase ProfiClear Premium drum filter TF-XL pumped EGC

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One size bigger is always good!

With the larger drum filter model, Oase finally offers a ready-to-build plug & play solution for koi ponds above 25,000 liters.

The enlarged drum with a flow rate of up to 50,000 l / h in the pumped installation offers an optimal filter result with a high flow rate in a confined space. The fully automatic cleaning of the drum filter leads to little effort and maintenance in the cleaning of the filter and gives the user maximum comfort at his koi pond.

The drum filter is automatically rinsed at regular intervals. Depending on the degree of soiling of the sieve, the drum filter rinses individually as required. On the waterproof microcontroller system, errors can be displayed, set and carried out retrospectively during operation, as well as the setting options for forced flushing, flushing duration and additional flushing. The rinsing is done with purified pond water with an integrated powerful pressure pump, an additional water connection on the filter is not necessary. A dirt rake built into the drum ensures that thread algae and other larger particles are reliably removed from the sieves. The dirt channel (drainage channel) consists of flexible EPDM, so that larger particles are prevented from jamming. The filter drum is made of stainless steel and has a free-running function. With the free-wheel function, the drum can be turned by hand and the sieve elements can be removed individually (without tools). The sieve elements can be easily cleaned and decalcified as required. The filter housing is made of dimensionally stable GRP Duroplast and is particularly quiet in operation thanks to extensive noise insulation.

Made in Germany - 2 year guarantee (+1 year after registration)

More Information
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1330 x 875 x 820 mm
Filter type Drum filter
Installation type Pumped
Automatic cleaning Yes
max. Flow rate 50'000 l/h
min. flow rate 25'000 l/h
For ponds with koi up to (Manufacturer information) 60 m³
for ponds with koi up to (our specification) 50 m³
for ponds with fish stock up to 60 m³
for ponds without fish stock up to 100 m³
Connections input 3 x 2" / 2 x DN 110
Exits 2 x 180 mm
Connection dirt outlet DN 75
Drainage connection DN 110
Coarse dirt separation 60µm
Installation height above water level 52 cm
Warranty in years 2+1
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