UVC systems

UVC systems are one of the most important components of water filtration. In addition to mechanical and biological filtration, UV-C systems effectively help to kill floating algae, viruses and bacteria. This is an important component for clear water and healthy pond inhabitants.

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AquaForte Power UV-C T5 40W
CHF 199.90
AquaForte Power UV-C T5 75W
CHF 229.90
Inazuma HD PRO 50,000 UV-C with ballast V2
CHF 659.90
Inazuma additional lamp HD PRO 50.000 UV-C with connection cable V2
CHF 329.90
Pond Police Industry UV-C Amalgam Series 75 Watt
CHF 548.00
Pond Police Industry UV-C Amalgam Series 105 Watt
CHF 619.90
Pond Police industry UV-C T5 Short series 44 Watt
CHF 459.00

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