Water care & tests

Good water values are a prerequisite for healthy fish. Here you will find everything you need to have it under control.

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JBL Koi Water Test - Large test case
CHF 129.00
Greisinger G1610 oxygen meter O2 saturation and temperature
CHF 399.90
JBL refill reagent total hardness (GH)
CHF 8.90
Algae repellent Kobre®Pond Optiaqua 20Kg
CHF 367.00
JBL refill reagent ammonium (NH4)
CHF 11.90
Analog thermometer, round
CHF 28.90
JBL refill reagent nitrite (NO²)
CHF 9.90
Calibration solution for electronic pH tester Art. 602.015
CHF 3.90
JBL refill reagent pH 3.0 - 10.0
CHF 8.90
Pond Repair the alternative against algae, 10kg
CHF 129.90
JBL refill reagent pH 7.4 - 9.0
CHF 6.90
Kobre®Pond OxyActiv 5 Kg quickly removes thread algae
CHF 79.50
Electronic salt measuring device + calibration solution

From CHF 76.95

To CHF 82.90

Kobre®Pond Algenkiller 1 liter for 20'000 liters
CHF 46.90
JBL refill reagent carbonate hardness (KH)
CHF 8.90
Kobre®Pond Algenkiller 2.5 liters for 50'000 liters
CHF 109.00
JBL refill reagent nitrate (NO³)
CHF 12.90
Kobre®Pond pH/KH Plus 5Kg increases the pH/KH value
CHF 188.90
JBL refill reagent oxygen (O²)
CHF 11.90
Microbe Lift Sludge Away 4 liters for sludge removal
CHF 122.00
JBL parts set for water tests
CHF 14.90
Kobre®Pond Teichklar 500 ml für 5'000 Liter
CHF 36.90
Duo Tester- pH and temperature
CHF 79.90
Electronic salt measuring device
CHF 96.95
Pond Repair the alternative against algae, 5kg
CHF 73.90
Calibration solution for electronic salt measuring device 0.5% / 5 ppt, 100 ml
CHF 9.95
Montmorillonite (clay mineral) 5kg
CHF 59.90
Disposable syringe 20ml for water test
CHF 1.50
Nitrifix 500ml
CHF 24.90
JBL water test combination set NH4 - test case small
CHF 59.90
Algae repellent Kobre®Pond Optiaqua 5Kg
CHF 107.00

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