Water care

Here you will find everything you need to maintain and optimize the water quality.

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Pond Repair the alternative against algae, 10kg
CHF 129.90
Kobre®Pond OxyActiv 5 Kg quickly removes thread algae
CHF 79.50
Kobre®Pond Algenkiller 1 liter for 20'000 liters
CHF 46.90
Kobre®Pond Algenkiller 2.5 liters for 50'000 liters
CHF 109.00
Kobre®Pond pH/KH Plus 5Kg increases the pH/KH value
CHF 188.90
Microbe Lift Sludge Away 4 liters for sludge removal
CHF 122.00
Kobre®Pond Teichklar 500 ml für 5'000 Liter
CHF 36.90
Pond Repair the alternative against algae, 5kg
CHF 73.90
Montmorillonite (clay mineral) 5kg
CHF 59.90
Nitrifix 500ml
CHF 24.90
Algae repellent Kobre®Pond Optiaqua 5Kg
CHF 107.00
Algae repellent Kobre®Pond Optiaqua 20Kg
CHF 367.00

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