Thread algae free F Liquid 5 liters

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Don't let thread algae impress you.

Fandenalgenfrei F not only fights algae, it also prevents them from growing properly. Once they are completely eliminated and the agent is added in sufficient doses, the problems with the thread algae are finally solved.

Since thread algae are very adaptable and change over time, it can happen that the algae agents lose their effect at some point. To prevent this, the composition is changed a little every year. As a result, the algae can never adapt to the product.

Thanks to the new composition, the product can also be used regardless of temperature.

Why is thread algae free F so simple and effective?

This product is an agent without any addition of algicides. The algae dissolves and the algae die off. The product is absolutely phosphate-free!

The active ingredient is the same as for thread algae-free F. You can also switch between the powder and the liquid agent.


Two doses of 250 ml per 10,000 liter pond volume are necessary. The agent is poured over the pond surface with a watering can. Repeat the first treatment after 2 weeks (twice in the first month), then repeat monthly. If the algae have died and the remnants are disposed of or suctioned off via the filter, then with optimal dosage (even in winter) they will not grow again. Test GH and KH values ​​before use, stabilize under KH 7 if necessary, remove activated carbon.

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