Algae displacer Optiaqua 5 kg

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Optiaqua improves the water quality in a purely natural way and supports the biological self-cleaning of the ponds. Natural earth salts and minerals in Optiaqua promote the activity of pollutant bacteria. Due to the increased breakdown of excessive pollutants, algae are safely displaced. The pH value and the oxygen value stabilize. Fish health is promoted. Optiaqua ensures optimal water conditions, especially in waters with excessive algae growth (ponds, koi ponds, fish farms).

40 g per 1,000 liters of pond water. Dissolve the granules in a bucket with warm water, then distribute them evenly in the pond. When using for the first time 3 times at 8-day intervals, then dose approx. Once a month. Works with restrictions even with cold water temperatures.

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