Pond Repair the alternative against algae, 5kg

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Pond Repair is a biological water control. It promotes the build-up of water quality and creates optimal living conditions for all pond inhabitants. The material of natural origin promotes the multiplication of pollutant-degrading microorganisms and enriches the water with valuable minerals and bio-active substances that are missing in our initial water. Pond Repair promotes the health of the fish, stimulates the appetite and promotes the colors. The oxygen content is slightly increased and pollutants are broken down more quickly.

By reducing the pollutants, the algae are safely displaced. An algae agent is no longer required. The product is also suitable for swimming ponds and is non-toxic to humans and animals. The process-related water turbidity gives way to a flawless crystal effect of the water after a few days. Floating particles are bound and taken up by the filter. Natural water conditions reduce stress and make it easier to get used to
The fish. The product is absolutely phosphate-free. In addition, the carbonate hardness and the pH value are stabilized.

With the water quality you control the health of the pond inhabitants.

For the first application, add 250g twice a month to 10,000 liters of pond volume. Then once a month 250g per 10,000 liters of pond water. The material is simply sprinkled in (spread evenly in the pond). With regular use (even in winter) your pond will be crystal clear and free from algae. Algicides need not be used. This protects the pond dwellers and the environment.

The product can be used regardless of temperature.

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