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The company was founded in 2020. Our goal is to give all Koi - Pond - Fish & Water interested people easy access to the topic. This starts with the knowledge that we are happy to impart through advice and extends to the sale of suitable products and services that are tailor-made for you. In addition to the advice before the purchase, we look after you from A-Z, no matter what your concerns are, we will help you and provide advice and support. This also includes the planning and implementation of your construction project.

Would you prefer to lend a hand yourself, but still have questions about individual topics? No problem, we support you wherever you want.

There is no such thing as impossible.


Patrick Tschumi

Portrait Patrick Tschumi

As a child in the 4th grade, I was enthusiastic about everything that lives and goes on in the water. At that time, this was treated as a factual issue at school. There was an aquarium in the school room where frog spawn, newts and dragonfly larvae were used. The tadpoles hatched and then gradually developed into frogs. The predatory dragonfly larvae grew until finally a dragonfly hatched. All of this excited me. I went home and built my first pond with a piece of plastic, which was more like a puddle.

At some point the parents were convinced, the first biotope was built and suddenly I got goldfish, elrizas and sunfish from friends. This continued for about 1 year until a friend's father came with three koi (Kohaku, Sanke, Hi Utsuri). It wasn't clear to me yet, but back then, in 2002, I was probably infected with the Koi virus.

Since then I have built several ponds, received the first customer orders and started to start breeding koi and building the inner enclosure. As the work in this area increased more and more, I decided to take it as part of a business activity and to found

Patrick Tschumi, Founder & CEO, 2020

Marion Krauer

Portrait of Marion Krauter

Koi have something calming about them. I was immediately fascinated by the beautiful animals and how they glide gracefully through the water. Quiet and yet impressive.

At I see that the shop is running. I help where I need it. My main job is to take care of administrative matters and help with shipping. As a representative of Patrick Tschumi, however, I also take on duties in the fish service, which extends from stock control, feeding to the control of water parameters.

Marion Krauer, Backoffice, 2022