Beni Kikokuryu, 50cm, weiblich
CHF 399.00

Beni Kikokuryu, 53cm, weiblich
CHF 399.00
Beni Kikokuryu, 49cm, weiblich
CHF 399.00
Beni Kikokuryu, 49cm, männlich
CHF 399.00
Beni Kikokuryu, 50cm, männlich
CHF 399.00
Beni Kikokuryu, 54cm, weiblich
CHF 399.00
Beni Kikokuryu, 48cm, weiblich
CHF 399.00
Shiro Utsuri, 52cm, männlich
CHF 399.00
Beni Kikokuryu, 60cm, weiblich
CHF 499.00
Goshiki, 54cm, männlich
CHF 399.00
Beni Kikokuryu, 57cm, männlich
CHF 890.00
Goromo, 47cm, männlich
CHF 399.00

Popular Products

KOBRE®SAN Winter Line, 4,5 mm, 5 kg Winter, sinking
Nutramare Koi360 SWIM - 10kg refill pouch
CHF 94.00
Algae repellent Kobre®Pond Optiaqua 5Kg
CHF 107.00
JBL Koi Water Test - Large test case
CHF 129.00
Oase AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000
CHF 1,399.00
Torii Pond Biotower, biofilter extension Ø=950mm, H=2000 mm
CHF 1,961.00
Inazuma drum filter ITF - 30 septem
CHF 4,673.00
Oase ProfiClear Premium TF-L pumped EGC
CHF 4,998.00
Inazuma drum filter ITF - 50 septem
CHF 5,736.00
Inazuma drum filter ITF - 80 septem
CHF 6,740.00
Oase ProfiClear Premium drum filter TF-XL pumped EGC
CHF 7,999.00


Our koi breeding 2022

Our koi breeding 2022 Hi folks. This time it's about a heart project, our koi breeding. In this blog you will find out what and how we have bred this year and what to look out for. We can promise you one thing, koi breeding or fish farming in general involves a lot of work. We are all the happier when our work bears fruit...

The feeding machine at the pond

The feeding machine at the pond Feeding the koi can be quite a challenge. Depending on the temperature and size of the koi, the optimal feeding can vary between 0 and 12 times a day. Who has time to feed their koi 12 times a day? Depending on the activity, 1-3 feedings a day is feasible for most. To enable further feedings, an automatic feeder can be used. In the following ...

A high pond made of HD-PE - part 2

A high pond made of HD-PE - part 2 Keep the beat. After all the preparatory work, it's time to get down to business. The assembly of the pond walls and the floor is pending. In addition, everything has to be welded and the walls reinforced. The installation of the skimmer, aeration, returns and a bit of technology. Last but not least, we are already looking forward to letting the ...

A high pond made of HD-PE - part 1

A high pond made of HD-PE - part 1 Which Koi Kichi doesn't know that? Never enough space for the koi. It's the same with us. Therefore we decided to enlarge our facility and to build something different. An HDPE basin, square, completely insulated, a lot of bio, large drum filter, high water exchange rate. You guessed it, we want to really make steam in the pool...

Before the pond construction

Before the pond construction Do you want to build a pond? Dig a hole, put in the pond liner and get started? Nothing easier than that. Of course this would be a possibility. Nevertheless, we recommend investing a little more time in the preparations. Find out here which points you should clarify before building the pond...

New Products

AquaForte pond & pool heat pump Mr. Silence
As low as CHF 2,799.00
Inazuma lid seal, sold by the metre
CHF 18.50
Inazuma lid hinge set 60x60 V2A, 3 drill holes, thickness 1.2mm (up to model 2019)
CHF 69.90
Modulhalterung WebCSA
CHF 299.00
Transformer to AquaForte Midi Power UVC 75 watts
CHF 139.90
Quartz glass for AquaForte Midi Power 40/75 watts
CHF 69.90
AquaForte Midi Power UV-C 75W illuminant
CHF 68.90
AquaForte Midi Power UVC 75 watts
CHF 219.90
Rod Frame replacement part for Hiblow HP20 - 200
As low as CHF 59.90
Kobre®Pond Teichklar 500 ml für 5'000 Liter
CHF 36.90
Showa, 52cm, männlich
CHF 499.00
Showa, 51cm, weiblich
CHF 499.00

Koi - our passion

Who doesn't love to witness the beauty of aquatic life and when collecting a beautiful and colorful variety of fishes in your backyard pond is one of your biggest hobbies, then you should definitely lay your hands on this elegant, regal, and graceful Koi. With different varieties of colorful koi fished, you can also create your own rainbow in the water! If you are interested in buying this most popular and beloved kind of fish for your pond, then you are just at the right place.

Here, at koikichi.ch the Online Shop for every Koi Kichi, you can not only buy the best variety of Koi, but you can also shop for koi food and koi accessories for your beloved fish. And if you are looking for pond construction materials, koi handling, pumps, filtration systems, water care and test, and any movie or books related to this mesmerizing beauty, then you will find all that here, at your one-stop destination for koi related things.

If you have any query related to the pond construction, koi food, care or even koi handling in Switzerland, then feel free to contact our team any time. We feel immense pleasure in sharing our knowledge and experience regarding the koi fish with our customers.