Before the pond construction

Koi - our passion

Who doesn't love to witness the beauty of aquatic life and when collecting a beautiful and colorful variety of fishes in your backyard pond is one of your biggest hobbies, then you should definitely lay your hands on this elegant, regal, and graceful Koi. With different varieties of colorful koi fished, you can also create your own rainbow in the water! If you are interested in buying this most popular and beloved kind of fish for your pond, then you are just at the right place.

Here, at the Online Shop for every Koi Kichi, you can not only buy the best variety of Koi, but you can also shop for koi food and koi accessories for your beloved fish. And if you are looking for pond construction materials, koi handling, pumps, filtration systems, water care and test, and any movie or books related to this mesmerizing beauty, then you will find all that here, at your one-stop destination for koi related things.

If you have any query related to the pond construction, koi food, care or even koi handling in Switzerland, then feel free to contact our team any time. We feel immense pleasure in sharing our knowledge and experience regarding the koi fish with our customers. 


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