Faszination Koi - DVD

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They are the kings of the garden pond….koi carp. Hardly any observer can resist the fascination of the beautiful fish. The last few years has seen the koi hobby world-wide grow and develop enormously. This DVD presents an up-to-date insight and overview and is suitable for beginners or experts alike. Making a start is often far easy than people had thought. Here you can find information about the history and the individual koi varieties. See how the fish are imported into Germany and what you should watch out for when purchasing. Important theoretical knowledge about water quality and the way a pond should be built is provided in a way that is easily understandable. Manufacturers invest time and money in the development of fish foods, pumps, filter systems and all kinds of accessories. Our film helps to shed light on a number of important points. Experience what takes place at the “InterKoi” exhibition in Germany where the most beautiful fish are on display and enjoy the underwater scenes as part of the bonus material. The sheer beauty of the fish will certainly attract you. Fascination Koi – in a pure form.

Languages: German, English
Duration: 45min + 10min bonus

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