KOBRE®SAN Winter Line, 4,5 mm, 5 kg Winter, sinking

Our winter feed for a balanced diet in the cold season!

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Description / KOBRE®SAN Winter Line, 4,5 mm, 5 kg Winter, sinking

Our winter feed for a balanced diet in the cold season!

Ingredients: cereals, vegetable protein extracts, vegetable by-products, oils and fats, minerals, yeasts, soft and crustaceans

Ingredients: crude protein 32.0%, crude oils and fats 9.0%, crude fiber 2.4%, crude ash 5.3%, phosphorus 0.87%

Sinking, for fish from 15 - 100 cm in size. Can be fed under a water temperature of 10 ° degrees.
The «Winter Line» from Kobre San offers your koi optimal nutrition even in the cold season and provides your fish with all the important nutrients to ensure that they are healthy and safe during the winter.

Condition Koi for winter now
In the cold season, Koi need high-quality and easily digestible winter food. Since the majority of the fish are at the bottom of the pond at this time of year, a sinking feed is used. Due to the already restricted metabolism, the fish need minimal energy for food intake. Kobre®San Winter Line for water temperatures below 10 ° C. Kobre®San Winter Line creates the best conditions so that your fish do not get EMS (energy deficiency syndrome). The effects of EMS can only be seen in spring. Weak fish then have too little energy to adapt their metabolism to rising water temperatures.

How do I feed fish in winter?
Although koi eat little or not at all on some days, the following day can change again. Since most ponds are not very deep, there are significant temperature fluctuations, especially in the transition period. If the temperature is below 5 ° C, the fish will not eat. However, if the temperature rises by only 1 ° C, the Koi become active again and require energy accordingly.

More Information

Season Winter
Type sinking
Fish size from 15cm
Pellet size 4.5mm
Amount 5kg
Crude protein 32%
Raw fat 9%
Crude fiber 2.4%
Raw ash 5.3%

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