Linn professional automatic feeder 5 kg

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This high-quality automatic feeder is operated directly with 230V from the socket. Developed and produced in Germany by fish farming professionals. A totally reliable product and quiet in operation.

With the professional automatic feed dispenser, we offer you a real alternative to the solar and battery-powered automatic feeders. With its 230 volt connection, it works reliably and independently of batteries and the sun. The feed (2.5 kg) is transported out of the feed container in exactly the desired amount with a small geared motor and dosing fingers. Feeding frequency and duration can be easily set to the second with the feeding timer. You don't have to do a lot of calculations, you set the feeding time and the intervals, then the feeding clock automatically calculates the feedings. The automatic feeder is delivered fully assembled with the corresponding bracket so that it can be placed directly above the pond. The stainless steel wall bracket (25 cm) can be attached to a pole, wall or board next to the pond. The pellets fall straight down from the machine.

  • Reliable, powerful motor thanks to power connection
  • Feeding intervals from 2 to 100 times a day possible, including restriction of the time span from the beginning of the feeding to the end of the feeding
  • Feeding times from 1 second to 99 minutes per day possible
  • The amount of food can be varied from 10 grams to 2.5 kg (5L capacity) of koi food
  • You can feed everything from 4 mm up to 9 mm pellets
  • The feeder can also be programmed with a daily amount increase.
  • Easily programmable Linn feed clock designed with the user in mind.
  • The transparent container makes it easy to see the quantity from the outside
  • And best of all, it's so quiet you won't hear it!
  • 10 meter power cable from the machine to the control unit
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