Filter basket for skimmer suitable for KG and HT pipes 110mm

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Filter basket for skimmer for KG and HT pipes 110mm

Dirt basket for use in KG or HT pipe 110mm.

Anyone who works with HT or KG pipe can sink the following dirt basket into the KG or HT pipe.

This allows leaves or coarse contaminants to be trapped before they enter the filter system.

Important! The filter basket does not fit into our 110mm PVC pipe.

This basket is also used to protect juvenile fish. Small koi are very curious and can be swallowed by the skimmer. They are protected by the basket. After a few days, the babies usually get used to the currents and the pond, and then the danger is over.

Food residues can also be better caught by the skimmer basket and do not end up in the filter straight away. This puts less strain on your system and benefits your water values.

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