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No pond can be formed without water settings and plumbing plays an important role in the construction of every artificial pond. Plumbing includes the PVC pipe fittings but before that one needs to understand the plumbing design of the pond as a pond which doesn’t have a proper plumbing design is usually less efficient. When we talk about the plumbing design, it is all about the pipes which take the water from the pump to the filter and take it back to the artificial pond that is constructed. It is very important to check that these pipes are in the right dimensions in order to avoid any kind of efficiency issues in the pond. PVC pipes are the best kind of pipes which are used in the construction of the ponds along with its variants. Either the pipes are rigid PVC pipes or they are flexible ones. koikichi.ch serves you with the best quality PVC pipes for your beautiful pond. The pipes that we have are really thick according to the requirement and come in the standard size to fit perfectly for the pond construction. We are known for our pond pvc fittings service. As we deliver our customers with the best, we are trusted to provide the best pond pvc fittings in Switzerland. Now you do not have to waste your time in looking for a one stop store for your artificial pond, visit us now!

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